I am a creator and a lifelong learner. I take an idea and give it visual wings. I am currently a content creator for several popular social media pages with a weekly reach well into the millions, a graphic artist for Amazon’s merchandise program, and a freelance graphic designer.

My background: I was raised in my family’s business Holub Garden Center and Greenhouses Inc. in Oskaloosa, Iowa. I learned hard work, integrity, and management skills from an early age.

My passion for helping others and providing counsel led me to getting a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Pastoral Ministries and Bible at Vennard College. While in school I was active in admissions work, camp counseling, and served in leadership roles such as Senior Class President. I photographed sports events, student activities, and provided work for the yearbook committee.

Upon graduating a good friend in Arkansas thought he would set me up with the most beautiful woman in the world at an IHOP of all places. His plan worked so I transplanted to Fayetteville, Arkansas and became a school photographer. I realized quickly that my interpersonal skills, sense of humor, and artistic eye made my clients feel relaxed and it reflected in the quality of the pictures.

My wife and I became Family Counselors together, an intensive position where you live in a residential home with at-risk youth. We loved working with the teenagers and their families and met some of the most incredible people along the way. Our experience allowed us to teach new residential homes and to build programming from the ground up.

At Ruth Harbor, a maternity home for young women facing unplanned pregnancies, I was able to flex my creative muscles by photographing events, updating the website, administrating the social media pages, and shoot video for the annual fundraisers. The videos can be found here. I shot and edited them, provided the lighting and backdrop, and even recorded the music used to score them. I am passionate about video as an effective medium to convey a story as you can use so many captivating elements.

During the 2016 presidential race I submitted some work to libertarian outlets and was chosen to be a Chief of Graphic Design and was given the opportunity of branding, logo design, and leading merchandise sales. The journey has been incredible and I have even been able to design with former presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul and his team at the Liberty Report. I’ve provided graphics and social media content for several candidates running for state and local offices.

If you need design work, photography, or videography I’m your guy. Contact me below if you have any projects you’d like my assistance on. I look forward to meeting you in person. Thank you.

Shoot me an email

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